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e Hadith Explorer 1.6
« on: June 29, 2017, 01:54:34 PM »
e e Hadith Explorer Premium
By: eIslam Explorer

  Rs: 316  

Sahih Bukhari Plus Sahih Muslim are actually from al-Kutub al-Sittah (six significant ahadith) on the hadith on Islam. It again is the most unique hadith set, and it's hugely praised simply by Sunni Muslims. All of these prophetic heritage, or hadees, are obtained by its Local Muslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari and then Imam Muslim respectively.

√ Total Sahih Bukhari
√ Total Sahih Muslim
√ Arabic, Native english speakers and then Urdu translations
√ Unusual numbering acknowledged simply by the majority Islamic educational facilities and then scholars
√ Section viz everyday use regarding Hadith
√ Connected Hadiths
√ Variety of every different Hadith
√ Hadith-e-Qudsi
√ Hadith-e-Marfu'o
√ Hadith-e-Maqtu'
√ Hadith-e-Mauquf
√ Hadith o Qudsi
√ Sahihain (Agreed upon)
√ Hisnul Muslim
√ (Corrections regarding supplications and then zikr a variety of occasions)
√ Hadith recitation on english
√ Browse Arabic, Native english speakers or Urdu text message on Hadith by means of and then without the need of ehrabs
√ Sociable Growing media plug-in and then Giving out
√ Reserve Scars
√ Salat Time frame (Prayers Timming)
√ Islamic Orison Intervals in accordance with your physical location (Longitude, Latitude)
√ Month against information for the purpose of finished season
√ Qibla path
√ Desires Alerts
√ Hijri day
√ Islamic Holiday season
√ Font serp variations for the purpose of accurate Arabic screen
√ Photo dependent Arabic text message for the purpose of right screen regarding Earabs
√ Gorgeous Earabs
√ Gorgeous Written text
√ Toggle Fullscreen and then Toolbar on-screen hint

Important Notes:
★  (Corrections regarding supplications and then zikr a variety of occasions)

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