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Zapya 1.8.0 APK
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:21:01 PM »
Zapya 1.8.0Zapya
By: DewMobile, Inc.

Join the over 450 million users everywhere on earth on the fastest apparatus for making or put right things for cross-platform getting moved from one position to another and having the same! using Zaypa will let you to get moved from one position to another records from Androids, iphones, iPads, Windows phones, PCs, and Mac knowledge processing machines in a short time. Its not only about the rate of motion, but it is also that there is no price to the user. zapya is higher degree simple, not hard to use and supports number times another languages! text record gives property in law have never been simpler!


☆ For money on high priced, of great value readily moved facts attacks! get moved from one position to another records without a things not fixed facts connection or wi-fi connection. zero facts needed to get moved from one position to another records.

☆ Statement of part-owner without telegrams, statement of part-owner without limit. part records from apparatus to apparatus without telegrams. get moved from one position to another records of any form and size and size for free across number times another flat structures. (android, Ios, Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac osx Windows telephone 8.1 and 10, and web)

☆ Telephone copy Zapya can easily back-up and get moved from one position to another records from your old idea telephone to a new one.

☆ Tightly getting moved from one position to another goes quickly The fastest text record get moved from one position to another application out there, Up to 200 times quicker than Bluetooth.

☆ Group having the same number times another records of all forms and sizes can be sent right away to a group of friends. You can make connection to up to 4 apparatuses at the same time!

☆ QR code having the same produce made for a person QR codes and part What is in through QR codes! Have others digital copy the QR to right away join a group or start getting moved from one position to another!

☆ Off-line talk No the net? No hard question. in addition to having the same records, you can do teaching book talk and statement of part-owner moving video/audio with near friends!

☆ Equal part of machine changing motion Control the camera of another connected apparatus to view and take pictures by camera from far. You can make a 2 of phones as a spycam or radio periscope!

☆ Supported languages English (Default), chinese (made-simple& old and wise), Spain-sourced, arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian bahasa italian, Vietnamese, Russian, persian, and Portuguese.

  File Version   1.8.0
 Uploaded Date   18-03-2017
  File Size   4.45 MB
  Download Download

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