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e Islam Explorer Quran Hadith+ 2.17
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eIslam e Islam Explorer Premium
By: eIslam Explorer

  Rs: 499  

eIslam Internet explorer is really a finish lot of Islamic scriptures. eIslam Internet explorer is really a Go through product just for a normal university student for Islamic Reports including some sort of Scholar. It is just a one of a kind and then potent app that permits us all to check all the Quran and then Hadith located at quite a few levels.

App establish storage system within (Internal/External) SD credit card to start with , use. This kind of can take a bit in accordance with your main unit acceleration
*Please re-start your main unit soon after to start with use*

★  Quran:
  √ Uthmani and then Indopak playscript
  √ Presently folks provided by Native indian sub-continent can see Quran quite simply by using Indopak playscript
  √ Message by Message
  √ Study every different Ayah phrase by phrase and it is translation
  √ Concise explaination every different phrase
  √ Acquire Origin phrase
  √ Other areas within Quran when an identical phrase looks
  √ Look at Quran by Surah+Ayah, Manzil, Juzz and also Rukhoo.
  √ Across 40 translations in several 'languages' can be seen (simultaneously) just for distinction and then much better understanding
  √ Speech: Transliteration, Saheeh Global, Yusuf Ali, Sarwar,Shakir, Ahmed Ali, Ahmed Raza Khan, Arberry, Asad, Daryabadi, Maududi, Pickthall, Qaribullah+Darwish, Wahiduddin Khan
  √ Urdu: Maududi, Raza Khan, Ahmed Ali, Jalandhry, Tahir ul Qadri, Haider Jawadi, Junagarhi, Najafi
  √ ArabicComentry: Jalalayn, Muyassar
  √ Albanian: Efendi Nahi, Feti Mehdiu, Sherif Ahmeti
  √ Dutch: Hamidullah
  √ Spanish: Abu Rida, Bubenheim+Elyas, Khoury, Zaidan
  √ Malay: Basmeih
  √ Turkish: Alİ Bulaç, Diyanet İşleri, Diyanet Vakfı, Edip Yüksel, Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, Öztürk
  √ Transliteration for a full Qur'an if anyone else is ineffectual to learn Arabic.
  √ Poesy by poesy recitation by Abdul Basit, Abdullah Basfar, As-Sudais, Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree, al-Ajamy, Alafasy, Ghamadi, Hani Rifai, Husary, Hudhaify, Ibrahim Akhdar, Maher Al Muaiqly, Menshawy Mujawwad, Muhammad 's Tablaway, Muhammad Ayyoub, Muhammad Jibreel, Ash-Shuraym, Muhsin Al Qasim, AbdulRahman Bukhatir
  √ Speech and then Urdu Translation recitation -One every different
  √ Off-line playback for audios soon after accessing (no information internet connection required)

★  Hadith
  √ Arabic/English and then Urdu translations for Sahih Bukhari and then Sahih Muslim (Working upon some other textbooks for saha-e-Sattah)
  √ Global numbering taken by virtually all Islamic academic institutions and then scholars
  √ Relevant Hadiths showcase: An exclusive analyze material, report on hadiths experiencing matching topics.
  √ Hadith-e-Qudsi, a unique module to explore Hadith-e-Qudsi (Reports from your Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when Your dog correlates to the people just what Allah says or even had, and yet this information is not really the main Qur'an)
  √ Decided Upon Hadith (Sahihain), Range of hadiths standard within Sahih Bukhari And even Sahih Muslim
  √ Sort of every different Hadith (Qudsi, Marfu'o, Maqtu ', Mauquf)
  √ Hadith recitation within english language (Using written text for you to talk API)

★  Miracles in Quran
  √ A flawlessness with the fictional terminology with the Qur'an, all the uncomparable options that come with it has the layout as well as the remarkable perception listed in just it all are a couple of all the ideal proofs who's symbolizes the words of your Lord. (More versus 100 Web content upon Methodical truth within Quran)
  √ This kind of the main app enumerates and then is the reason word by word each one of the Methodical Growth which unvieled with the Quran 1400 years ago, and yet are generally mainly a short time ago found out bythe Mobile phone industry's excellent Scientists.

★  Salat Time (Beta)
  √ Islamic Supplicant Circumstances based upon your location (Longitude, Latitude)
  √ Four week period versus guide

★  Search (Beta)
  √  Seek Arabic written text within Quran and then Hadith by using and then with out ehrabs.

★  Social Media integration and Sharing
  √ Presently expressing the preferred Quranic Ayah created straightforward, Publish Each and every Ayah or even range of ayahs to your friends.
  √ Publish Ayahs with the Qur'an mainly because Representation, written text or even html with text, electronic mails, Wireless, Facebook, eBuddy, Picasa etc.
  √ Publish Hadith mainly because Representation with electronic mails, Wireless, Facebook, eBuddy, Picasa etc

★  Book Marks
  √  Presently Search for the preferred ayahs and then hadiths by using subject identify and then description.

★  Other features
  √ App should set up upon SD card.
  √ 100 % free potential updates

Important Notes:
A couple translations by using Uthmani and then Indopak texts and then a full Hadith storage system seem to be as part of the app. Consumers could certainly download and install presently there favourite translations separately.

  File Version   2.17
 Uploaded Date   07-01-2017
  File Size   45.54 MB
  Download Download

Additional Information:
 ● Developer Website:
 ● Please contact us by email:
 ● Find us on Facebook at:
 ● Find us on Google+ at: https://
 ● For videos about e Islam Explorer Quran Hadith+ on YouTube, visit: https://
 ● Address: Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra 401107 India
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